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The Lost Mermaid

Hyderabad Fashion & Food Bloggers
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Hyderabad Fashion & Food Bloggers


I started my Instagram journey this year (2020) during the lockdown, my Instagram account reflects who I am i.e a little bit crazy, a little fashion, beauty, travel, good, lifestyle… a mix of a lot of things.  I’m just another crazy kid in her early 20’s who’s either super hardworking and hyper all the time or just lazing around wrapped in a blanket. if you don’t know me u’ll think I’m high or something but if u do know me u’ll know that that’s just the natural, normal me🤷🏻‍♀️ other than being a super hyper crazy yet calm kid I guess I can paint, cook, play dress-up (ur never too old to dress up and feel more confident about yourself for who u are and being the daughter of a fashion designer I was born with the love for clothes and accessories) and can do some pretty good make-up too. the one thing I wanna do is travel the world and try out all the different food that’s there (bats excluded), experience different cultures and traditions and unlike many ppl out there I love history and hanging out at ruins because I think they’re really beautiful and they all have a story to tell. I love decorating and planning events (weddings, parties…)


– Althea Krishna
– Hafsa Couture
– Crafted by Amulya
– Burp station
– The Corner Patisserie
– Garniche
– Arik Atelier by Prianka Arik

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